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The Verdyol Biotic Earth Green BSA is a hydraulically applied mulch and growth medium that includes a high concentration of organic matter for soil building and vegetation establishment. The Biotic Earth Green BSA is specifically designed to assist in building an effective plant growth medium over poor topsoil or even subsoil.
The Biotic Earth Green BSA is used for vegetation establishment, on medium to extreme slopes for immediate erosion control, as a soil amendment with other erosion control measures, and where vegetation establishment is expected to occur within 12 months or less..


  1. Drastically increases soil water holding capacity
  2. Reintroduces the “missing piece” of microbial soil life – the real difference between dirt and soil!
  3. Same application rate of 3,500 lbs. per acre regardless of slope and organic matter content
  4. Less expensive than using topsoil, compost or another biotic soil amendment
  5. Faster project closeouts
  6. Ensures only desirable species grow on your site, as it is a weed and seed free formula