ECBVerdyol was started by Mark Myrowich, a contractor in the erosion and sediment control industry who realized from his experiences that there was an abundance of fibers within North America.

Mark began with his endeavors and ECBVerdyol launched a sixteen foot erosion control blanket machine, the first in the market at the time. This idea was launched as ECBVerdyol understood that labour savings to the contractor could be established by the creation of a larger erosion control blanket.

However, with the production of the new German machines came the responsibility of finding a place to store them. Interestingly enough, ECBVerdyol secured space from a retired boatworks location in Riverton, Manitoba and began its manufacturing endeavors. ECBVerdyol has now grown to offer products including a range of erosion control blankets, sediment control products such as stenlogs and staple guns, and a soil amendment called Biotic Earth.

Values are our company's highest priorities, beliefs and driving forces. At ECBVerdyol, we are fun, positive, and down to earth and we aim to maintain this positive attitude in every form of communication we have with our community. We are also bold in facing issues, we accept accountability for our actions and work just as hard to overcome challenges. We care about our community, our distributors, our customers, and the environment. We aim to go above and beyond in everything we do which includes being respectful and accountable to everyone and everything. And finally, at ECBVerdyol we have and encourage a thirst for knowledge and improvement, so we want to hear your stories about your challenges to overcome them together!

At ECBVerdyol our goal is to continue to develop innovative products that support the needs of our customers and protect our environment while delivering the necessary infrastructure for the future. Throughout our journey, we will continue to leverage new technology and science innovations to create high-quality erosion control products.