The Reserves at Chesterfield Village is an upscale residential development bordering Chesterfield Creek. The creek and its wooded buffer are protected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  (CE) as an environmental mitigation area. Stringent restrictions and the limiting of discharge points into the creek  concentrated stormwater and increased the risk of significant erosion on the site. Previous attempts at erosion control using unreinforced vegetation  and rock rip rap had failed and been unsightly. 



  • fast germination and expression of grasses needed for erosion control and weed suppression

  • Sensitive river system adjacent

  • High existing organic matter of 5.7% and excellent soil quality


The San Antonio River Authority needed to vegetate a section of the Mission Reach Project on the San Antonio River. The project site had previously needed to have invasive species removed and was in an area that was prone to erosion due to concentrated flow: quick and dense desirable vegetation establishment was imperative to combatting both issues. Joel Denofrio with Innovative Soil Solutions recommended the use of Biotic Earth to reach the desired goals of the project.



Biotic Earth was applied at 3,500 lbs. per acre by Diamond M Field Services. The native seed mix was applied along with the Biotic Earth and then covered with a Flexible Growth Medium. Soil improvement and erosion control were accomplished in just a few hours time on the entire site with one crew and one hydromulch machine.



“Our test plot of Biotic Earth accompanied with a native seed mix applied via hydroseed method showed a significant increase in initial germination of our warm season cover crop species, less weed competition, and higher density of vegetation with greater germination of native species with minimal irrigation vs. the adjacent area that was not treated with Biotic Earth. Even though the soil had a high level of existing organic matter, the added benefit of the Biotic Earth’s water holding capacity definitely created a positive response in the germination and growth of the areas that were treated with Biotic Earth vs. areas that were not treated. We look forward to subsequent growing seasons to see the impact that Biotic Earth has on the vegetation.” Justin R. Krobot, PMP, CPRP Landscape Superintendent, Watershed and Park Operations San Antonio River Authority