A side slope from a roadway ended at the fence line of a private property on this project; so long-term vegetation to prevent possible erosion was a necessity. Climatic conditions in the area are exceedingly hot and dry, with summer temperatures reaching triple digits, and average rainfall slight. In this region adequate densities of vegetation are regularly difficult to achieve. 


  • Quick Vegetation Required.
  • Natural tan color for TRM required.
  • Significant rain events.


This City park project was a re-channelization of a drainage swale designed by Thompson Dreessen & Dorner, Inc, of Omaha, NE. The channel was needed to mitigate an existing roadside ditch that the Corps of Engineers claimed as a jurisdictional waterway.


PS 42 TRM and SC32 degradable erosion blankets were installed in June. Before much vegetation was established this project quickly received 3 intense rain events over 2 inches of rain each. 


Fully vegetating in a mere 4 weeks, this project took some of the most intense rain events in an abnormally wet year.


  • Biotic Earth: applied at 3,500 lbs./AC
  • Earthbound 2000 tackifier: applied at 35 lbs./ AC
  • TXDOT Seed Mix: District 21, Permanent, Urban Clay Soils Seed Mix (PLS) Green Sprangletop - 0.3lbs /AC Sideoats Grama (Haskell) - 3.6lbs/AC Buffalograss (Texoka) - 1.6lbs/AC Bermudagrass - 1.8lbs/AC